Always insist on Shimano Original Parts
March 31, 2016  

Supplied by Coolheat Administrator from Coolheat
Sometimes it's what you cannot see that makes the biggest difference.

Regular bike maintenance is key to keeping your wheels turning through the winter season. Shimano develops all its parts as a part of a whole system and so they are specifically designed to work as one complete whole, more effectively and efficiently, than when used separately. Although your cables seem un-important, inner and outer for example it’s these parts that make the biggest difference. Shimano specifically develops polymer-coated cables to  ensure the best efficiency and a smooth operating drivetrain, right down to the unique tooth profile on your cassette.

Keep an eye out for the Shimano Orginal parts in a store near you today and always insist on Shimano Original Parts.

For more information and to you find your nearest dealer visit: http://www.shimano-originalparts.com/en/