T 4100

Manufacturer: Tacx
Product Range: LIGHTS

For a safe and secure feeling


To see and to be seen, it is vital for the bicycle rider. However, most riders don’t like loose or heavy lights. They can now use LED lighting that is connected to the bicycle and also is compact and lightweight. In the dark, in rain or fog, the Lumos lights make the bicycle rider feel safe and secure, always and everywhere. The lights can be put inside the handlebar ends at the left and right. Thanks to an included battery that has to be placed in the steering part, the system generates three sorts of lighting:

  • White LED lighting that points forward to the road;
  • Red LED lighting that shines backwards;
  • Yellow LED direction indicator that can be activated by pushing a button.

The Lumos includes an Allen key for adjusting the battery housing in the steering part and 2 AA batteries. These are free of cadmium, mercury and lead.