Joe's Nano Lube

Manufacturer: Joe's No Flats
Product Type: Joes
Product Range: Cleaners & Lubes

Available in DRY & WET formulations, to suit your riding condtions. Unsurpassed Revolutionary Nano technology. Billions of nanosphere particles act as Nano ball bearings. Tribofilm Technology provides unsurpassed, state-of-the-art, long-lasting lubrication, protecting your drive-train from wear. Scientifically proven to drastically reduce friction and increase durability of your bike's chain. JOE'S NANO LUBE is specially formulated to provide incredible drive-train efficiency for smooth and quiet gear shifting in extreme condtions. JOE'S NANO LUBE lubricates cables, derailleurs, and all drive-train parts.


MTB Wet Lube