Joe's Eco Tubeless Systems

Manufacturer: Joe's No Flats
Product Type: Joes
Product Range: Tubeless Kits


Each Tubeless kit contains the following & is suitable for both 26" & 29" rims:

  • 240 ml Joe's eco Sealant, with micro-seling particles
  • 2 High quality rubber tubeless strips with integrated presta valaves with removable cores
  • 1 valve adaptor, for easy inflastion
  • 1 spare valve core
  • 1 rool nylon rim tape for 2 wheels
  • Detailed installation instructions, easy step by step explanations.

XC NARROW FRENCH/PRESTA VALVE, fits narrow XC rims, 15-17mm

XC FRENCH/PRESTA VALVE, fits XC rims, 17-19mm

ALL MOUNTAIN FRENCH/PRESTA, fits all mountain rims, 19-25mm

All MOUNTAIN FRENCH/PRESTA, Fits all mountain rims, 19-25mm